When little boys used to play cowboys and Indians, Jeff was out doing the real thing. When he was eight years old, his father bought him his first horse, Flicka. She was brown and had a white mark on her hip that looked just like an ice cream cone, curly Q and all. He really loved that horse. Flicka was the beginning of a long love affair that Jeff has had with horses.

As he grew up, many more horses entered his life. Riding daily through the countryside with his sisters behind him was the beginning of his career as a trail guide. They would pack up a lunch and ride for hours on end. He couldn’t imagine doing anything else. But life went on and he grew up, got married, had children and started a career. Life affected Jeff’s ability to ride as much as he wanted but he squeezed it in as much as he could.

Riding horses for a living never entered Jeff’s mind. He thought it was just for fun. That was until the opportunity came for him to try. Why not buy enough horses to make others dreams come true? He loves watching the little kids smile from ear to ear as they ride the paths behind him. Parents feel at ease knowing that Grandpa Jeff is at the front of the line, whistling and chatting, curious to know what brings them to his part of the world.

His philosophy in life is, “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life,” and he truly loves what he does.